Our Story


Christ Lutheran Church (CLC) was founded in 1870.  We are one of more than 10,000 congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). There are nearly 6 million members in the ELCA.

Our members come from a great diversity of backgrounds. This diversity provides a fertile soil for growth, life, and fellowship.

1870 ... Christ Lutheran Church founded. Organized worship began at Drakes Creek School House with worship officiated by several different ministers.  Rev. Henning confirmed the first class of catechumens.

1877 ... First council sworn in by Rev. A.M. Strauss.  Elders: Charles Smith and A.D. Christman, Deacons: Joseph Koch and Francis Behrens, Trustees: Enos Koch and William Snyder

1883 ... The original Church building completed on April 23rd under the supervision of Rev. A.M. Strauss.  Land donated by Edwin W. Reed and his wife. 

1893 …One hundred twenty communed members.  One regular service a month.

1920 … In October, decision made that “members in good standing” must pay $3 annually and females $1.

1931 … League organized and the exterior of the church painted.

1934 ... Christ Lutheran Church celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

1935 ... The first Sunday School and Vacation Bible School held.

1938 ... Minimum age for voting lowered from 21 to 18 years.

1947 ... Council increased from six to nine voting members. Council decided to lock

the church.

1966 …Early in the morning of April 22nd, the original church burned. Later that year

a new building erected at a cost of $42,809.64. Held first service on Palm Sunday

while still under construction.

1967 … On January 18th, the new church dedicated and the first confirmation class confirmed by Rev. W.R. Seigart.

1984 … First stained glass windows were installed in the church.

2006 … Late on November 4th, the church buildingonce again destroyed by fire.

2008 … New church completed, and on July 13th, the rebuilt sanctuary, Sunday

school and office addition were dedicated as we celebrated our 125th Anniversary.

2012 ... Rev. John P. Hassler celebrated his 15th anniversary - the longest full-time Pastor in the history of Christ Lutheran Church.